A Fantastic Woman – preview

This week Reel Movie Mondays is proud to present this year’s Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Language Film, A Fantastic Woman.  The fantastic person is Marina, a trans woman who must suffer through suspicion and exclusion after the death of her partner.  A moving, emotional, and symbolic film about finding strength and fighting for not just your rights but to simply be accepted as a person.  Anchored by from what all accounts is an outstanding performance by Daniela Vega, the film moves through Marina’s journey of self-realization has her very identity is questioned by the society and community around her.  Very much shunned and unsupported Marina must deal with the trauma of not only losing her lover but one of the only constants she had to rely on to define herself.


The movie expresses this search for identity by not only showcasing the intolerance the other characters inflict on Marina both physically and mentally, but also with a visual wonder tied to her inner thoughts, struggles and desire to be able to express herself freely.  As such the film reveals just as much about the other characters as it does about Marina, and by extension, challenges the audience’s own perceptions and beliefs about what makes a person.  Director Sebastián Lelio has even stated that he wants the audience to ask questions such as “What are the limits of our empathy?” and “What are you seeing in me?” as they watch.


You can watch a Q&A with the director here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Et7lmhtFso.


At once an optimistic film that doesn’t hide away from the real world existence and consequences of prejudice and discrimination, A Fantastic Woman is a movie that has a message that is meant to stay with you after leaving the theatre.  A wonderfully unique, mesmerizing and unforgettable experience of a movie, please join us as the Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery’s Reel Movie Mondays program presents “A Fantastic Woman” at 7:00 p.m. on Monday March 26th at Carnival Cinemas in downtown Red Deer.  Until then, save me the aisle seat!


Jason Hlady

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