Excitement for our first feature THE BIG SICK

I am really excited to see our first feature of the year, “The Big Sick”. We wanted to start off with a movie that was certain to be an entertaining, crowd pleasing feature and “The Big Sick” should fit the bill perfectly. One of the things that draws me completely in to this movie is that the premise – a man meets his girlfriend’s parents for the first time while she is in a coma – is the type of storyline that feels absolutely made up for the sake of the plot; yet “The Big Sick” is based on what actually happened to star Kumail Nanjiani and his co-writer wife, Emily V. Goden.


And what I love about the idea of them making a movie about their own experiences is that it alters the plot into an actual dilemma that the characters have to face. It forces them to interact with each other under less than ideal circumstances, which is something I think most everybody can relate to in one form or another. Whether it be a new job, a new school, a new city. We all have some memory of the awkwardness of having to meet new people that this movie gets to shine a light on because of the extreme intensity of the situation. That extra level of emotion allows them to play with a variety of topics including race, religion, love, independence, adulthood which from the looks of things Kumail and Emily do in an extremely honest, funny and engaging way. The movie lets them wrestle with real solutions about how they worked through and solved these problems, and in some cases the answer might be – just as in real life – that they didn’t find the perfect solution or totally agree on something and have different perspectives or recollections about how things played out.   I think that dynamic gives the movie an opportunity to capture something very human and unique and confront those feelings, expectations and perceptions head on.

Writer and star Kumail Nanjiani is a stand-up comedian and currently stars in the TV show Silicon Valley, and his wife Emily V. Gordon was a writer on his previous show The Meltdown. The movie was produced by Uber-producer & comedian Judd Apatow, who has been involved in some of the biggest movie of the past decade, including Anchorman, Bridesmaids, and the cult TV show Freaks and Geeks. With “The Big Sick” they come together to bring us this brilliant and engaging romantic comedy that has the highest Tomtatoscore rating of any film this year at 98%. So please join us this Monday, October 2 at Carnival Cinemas and be sure to save me the aisle seat!

Holly Hunter as “Beth” and Ray Romano as “Terry” in THE BIG SICK. Photo by Nicole Rivelli.

You can see Emily and Kumail together on “The View” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSTTFsoMRlk


And for a more in-depth interview between Kumail and Charlie Rose:


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