PARASITE screens Monday, January 13th, 2020 with Reel Movie Mondays.

From the International Press Kit for PARASITE provided by CJ Entertainment.

“The arrival of a new film from BONG Joon Ho is always an event […]. Having worked over the last decade on the expansive, internationally set features Snowpiercer and Okja , BONG now returns to his home country for a film that is more focused in its setting, but perhaps even more ambitious in its execution. Consensus is building that Parasite represents not merely a new film, but the beginning of a new stage in BONG Joon Ho’s accomplished career.

BONG has taken care not to reveal too much ahead of the film’s premiere, but in one sense, no advance knowledge could lessen the experience of watching Parasite for the first time. Completely unpredictable in its development, the film resists categorization and doesn’t fit into any established genre. Its mix of black humor, social commentary, satire and suspense is characteristically BONG Joon Ho, and yet it’s hard to find another film from his filmography or from that of any other director that quite resembles this work.

Although viewers will experience a rush of emotions while watching it, what Parasite has to say about contemporary society is particularly poignant. In an age when economic polarization and inequality show no signs of abating, and large sections of the world’s population feel more and more des perate, there is a temptation to blame others and promote easy, one sided solutions. What Parasite provides is a complex, honest allegory about the challenges we all face in a world where co existence is an increasingly difficult ideal
to achieve.”

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