Loving Vincent – Preview

“Loving Vincent” is a great IDEA for a film. An idea that seems simple and fully formed the first time you hear it, but then one that also seems majorly complex after you think about it for fifteen seconds wondering about how much work and dedication would have to go into such an endeavour. Fortunately the idea is inspirational enough that the filmmakers kept with it to produce what is being billed the world’s first oil-painted feature film. Now, what makes it such a great idea? Well first, the premise hits you as being so unique and obvious that you wonder why it hadn’t been done before. To really use an artist’s works to form a narrative and insight into their lives and inspirations by not just making a movie, but really by combining two different art forms to create a wholly original piece of art unto itself that is not going to exist any other way.

The trailer is mesmerizing.

Unlike most animated films, where for example, the backgrounds are generally static and constant, the subtle variations in colouring or brushtrokes create an hypnotic, flowing effect where you really sense that a person created that image. Again, much like the feeling you would have going into a museum and contemplatimg what the artist was trying to convey with that single image in front of you, a connection forms where you think things like why that landscape, why those flowers, what is this person trying to say to me? And that is another idea that the creators of “Loving Vincent” have managed to bring out in this cross-genre blending of painting and filmmaking. The majority of the time a film is designed so that all you see is the story, and the work and crew behind its creation are supposed to be invisible so that you suspend your disbelief. Here, it’s the exact opposite, in that feeling a connection with the artist is of upmost importance.

If you would like to see a bit about how the film was created, this short BBC article does just that. And if you would like to join us for this unique artistic experience, we will be screening it Oct. 30th, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at Carnival Cinemas in downtown Red Deer. It is shaping up to be extremely popular, so please try and get your tickets in advance from the Red Deer Museum & Art Gallery to guarantee a spot, and don’t forget to come early, so that you can save me an aisle seat!

Jason Hlady

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