Welcome back for season 16!

Hello all Reel Movie Mondayers!

Welcome back for our new Fall 2017 program. We are thrilled that because of your continued support of The Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery’s film program that we can bring you another season of movies that would possibly otherwise not be able to be screened in Red Deer. So thank you again for supporting a unique cultural experience in our city.

First things first – We are starting the year off with a little something special, an encore screening of “The Dressmaker”! This was one of our most popular films last year and is stitched together with haute-couture performances by Kate Winslet and Judy Davis. Please note that this is a standalone, one-night encore performance that is NOT part of the regular fall package; however we are bringing it back due to popular demand! (always wanted to write that.) So join us on September 18th for this special kickoff to RMM’s sixteenth season.

Our regular program gets into swing on October 2nd, and we have a wonderfully diverse lineup with some truly unique films that are sure to entertain and remember long after you leave the theatre.

Kumail Nanjiani as "Kumail" and Holly Hunter as "Beth" in THE BIG SICK. Photo by Nicole Rivelli.

Our season begins with one of the most popular and acclaimed comedies of the year – “The Big Sick”. Written by comedian Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily V. Gordon, the movie is based upon the actual circumstances of Kumail having to meet his girlfriend’s family for the first time after allowing her to be placed into a medically induced coma treatment. Hailed as a witty, original, crowd-pleasing comedy that also explores relationships and cross-cultural themes in an honest and relatable manner, “The Big Sick” is a wonderful kick-off to this series of films.


We are also bringing in “Tulip Fever”, a period drama set in Amsterdam where a wealthy husband commissions a painting of his young bride and the illicit affair that then develops between the artist and his subject. The two try to keep their relationship secret while making enough money through the tulip bulb market to start off on their own. Starring Academy Award winners Christoph Waltz and Judi Dench and adapted by Tom Stoppard (Shakespeare in Love) the stunningly filmed and densely plotted drama comes to life like a beautiful painting.

Which is the perfect lead-in to our third film, “Loving Vincent”. This is one of the most creative and interesting film ideas in years – an animated documentary about Vincent Van Gogh in which every frame is itself an oil painting. Over a hundred artists created this portrait of Van Gogh’s life that also lets the audience experience his art form in a brand new way.

Our fourth film, “The Other Side of Hope”, was just named the best film of 2017 by the international Federation of Film Critics (beating out Academy winner ‘Moonlight’). This timely, contemporary movie tackles the societal effects when a restaurant owner hires a Syrian refugee and then decides to hide and protect him from being sent back to Aleppo. A film that explores social justice issues with heart, laughter, and intelligence, it will generate a wide range of topics of discussion to explore in addition to being an entertaining film.

Our final film of the season is another unique project. “Menashe”, a deeply moving character study of Hasidic Jewish life in New York, follows Menashe as a single father who must fight against orthodox traditions to keep his son after his wife passes away. He is granted a week to spend with his son to show he is capable of being a single parent that can provide everything required by their society or else his son will be taken away to live with relatives. Filmed within Bourough Park, one of the largest Jewish communities in the United States and using many of the residents as it’s performers, the film captures an authentic sense of the ups and downs of everyday life within this somewhat cloistered society. Yet this intimate account of a father and son is immediately relatable to anyone who has struggled to hold onto someone they love.

So there you have a quick peek into what you can expect from Reel Movie Monday’s fall season. I personally am really excited about experiencing this slate of films. It is wonderfully diverse and offers something new for everybody each and every screening. So please join us this fall at Carnival Cinemas for MAG’s Reel Movie Mondays 16th season, and as always –save the aisle seat for me!

Jason Hlady, Volunteer, RMM

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